Female RSBB demonstrates the tell-tale open-mouthed alarm call, pink tongue visible.  ©MRR 2017
 A white-tailed prairie dog exhibiting the classic alarm call posture.  ©John Hoogland 2006
 Though hard to see at a distance, this prairie dog is sounding an alarm call from the tall grass.  ©MRR 2017
 Female Wetsuit sounds the alarm, likely upset by the traps surrounding her nursery burrow.  ©MRR 2017
 Like alarmed by a nearby badger.  ©John Hoogland 2006   
 The lower incisors (front teeth) are visible during an alarm call. Though these calls can be given from a number of positions, up on their hind legs is the most common.  ©MRR 2017
 Many prairie dogs will run to the entrance of their burrow before sounding the alarm.  ©MRR 2017
 Female Wetsuit stands tall on her hind legs to sound the alarm while keeping watch of the perceived threat.  ©MRR 2017
 This white-tailed prairie dog female shows off her wide mouth giving an alarm call.  ©John Hoogland 2007
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