Upon perceiving a threat, a prairie dog will often run to the mouth of its burrow, keeping an eye on its surroundings from the safest position.  ©MRR 2017
 A juvenile prairie dog practices standing on alert.  ©MRR 2017
 Alert from the burrow mound.  ©MRR 2017
 Two yearling males stand in twin postures on alert.  ©MRR 2017
 Responding to an alarm call in the clan, almost every member stands on alert to locate the predator.  ©MRR 2017
 Male 0 (zero) stands as tall as he can on alert.  ©MRR 2017
 Three lactating mothers on alert.  ©John Hoogland 2012
 Standing at its tallest allows a prairie dog to scan farther.  ©MRR 2017
 An entire clan on alert.  ©John Hoogland 2011
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