John and squaddies.  ©MRR 2017
 Helping John in the marking van.  ©MRR 2017
 Marlin.  ©MRR 2017
 Adjustments in the tower.  ©John Hoogland 2006
  ©MRR 2017
 Patrick.  ©MRR 2017
 Katie.  ©MRR 2017
 A squaddie in one of our older observation towers.  ©John Hoogland 2009
 Carly, Dennis, Katie, John, and Jimmy.  ©MRR 2017
  ©MRR 2017
 Marlin and a snowprairiedog.  ©Marlin Dart 2017
 Patrick setting a surrounding.  ©MRR 2017
 The squad arriving for the morning.  ©MRR 2017
 Dennis with a juvenile.  ©MRR 2017
 Observer in an observation tower.  ©John Hoogland 2006
 Patrick and Denver Zoo volunteer Tim.  ©MRR 2017
 Us and our binocs.  ©MRR 2017
 Walking away at the end of the day.  ©MRR 2017
 Squaddie Katie in a new observation blind.  ©MRR 2017
 Carly with a juvenile.  ©MRR 2017
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