A coyote has been spotted by the prairie dogs it's been stalking.  ©MRR 2017
 A coyote hunts in the taller grass.  ©MRR 2017
 A long-tailed weasel can make quick and easy prey of juvenile prairie dogs.  ©John Hoogland 2006
 A wandering weasel makes its way into a prairie dog trap.  ©John Hoogland 2006
 Long-tailed weasels sport white coats in the winter - the better to come upon their prey by surprise.  ©John Hoogland 2010
 Weasels are inquisitive animals.  ©John Hoogland 2006
 Prairie dogs will sometimes (though infrequently) give false alarms at animals that are not predators before the prairie dog can determine what the animal is. Here another prey animal, the pronghorn, shows its own vulnerability.  ©John Hoogland 2006
 Badgers are brazen predators in prairie dog colonies.  ©John Hoogland 2007
 A Swainson's hawk lands in a colony during its hunt.  ©John Hoogland 2011
 A Swainson's hawk flies over the colony looking for juvenile prairie dogs.  ©John Hoogland 2011
 Living within the confines of a prairie dog colony gives predators like badgers easier access to meaty prey.  ©John Hoogland 2012
 A badger comes home with a juvenile prairie dog in her jaws.  ©John Hoogland 2012
 A badger comes home with an adult prairie dog in her jaws.  ©John Hoogland 2012
 This juvenile bullsnake will grow to adulthood hunting juvenile prairie dogs.  ©MRR 2016
 A gull from a nearby lake scavenges on the leftovers of a killed prairie dog.  ©John Hoogland 2012
 This badger mother must hunt almost nonstop to feed her growing offspring.  ©John Hoogland 2012
 A yawn puts this badger's crushing teeth on display.  ©John Hoogland 2012
 As a carnivore, badgers have long, sharp canines for grabbing prey.  ©John Hoogland 2012
 This taxidermied stuffed badger is pulled through the colony to take targeted data on alarm calls.  ©MRR 2016
 Coyotes are colored to blend in with their surroundings.  ©MRR 2017
 Juvenile prairie dogs will often be startled by swooping songbirds like this mountain bluebird, being hypersensitive to their new surroundings.  ©MRR 2017
 Coyotes are quick and silent, but find catching prairie dogs difficult because of colony vigilance.  ©MRR 2017
 Ravens are more likely to scavenge on prairie dog carcasses, but will also opportunistically grab newly-emerged juvenile prairie dogs.  ©MRR 2017
 A vulture soars overhead, searching for any carcasses leftover from predations.  ©MRR 2017
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