This is the typical posture of a territorial call.  ©MRR 2017
 The white-tailed prairie dog will sometimes throw its head back in a territorial call.  ©John Hoogland 2006
 And other times the white-tailed prairie dog will not throw its head back.  ©John Hoogland 2006
 It's approaching evening and 45, the dominant male in his clan, lets out a territorial call.  ©MRR 2017
 There are a few postures given for territorial calls, but a forward head and half-open mouth in an O is the tell-tale visual sign.  ©MRR 2017
 45 lets out a passionate territorial call mid-run.  ©MRR 2017
 Though not as often as males, females also let out territorial calls throughout the day.  ©MRR 2017
 A white-tailed prairie dog territorial call.  ©John Hoogland 2006
 The head-back posture can be extreme in the white-tailed species.  ©John Hoogland 2007
 R21 stops mid-fight to let out a territorial call. A clear scar on his left cheek was acquired from one such fight with another male.  ©MRR 2017
 0 (zero), the dominant male in his clan, spends all day during the mating season running around and establishing his territory.  ©MRR 2017
 The classic O mouth shape can be seen here as 0 lets out a territorial call mid-run.  ©MRR 2017
 A classic territorial call posture.  ©MRR 2017
 Snow-covered mornings see prairie dogs waking up late and slow, but the dominant male always comes out early and lets out a territorial call.  ©MRR 2017
 During the mating season, males will visit the burrows in their territory looking for females and establishing their dominance.  ©MRR 2017
 Another white-tailed prairie dog giving a territorial call without the head thrown back.  ©John Hoogland 2010
 R21 did a lot of traveling as he attempted to secure his own territory, letting out frequent territorial calls.  ©MRR 2017
 Another head-back territorial call by a white-tailed prairie dog.  ©John Hoogland 2010
 This rare image shows a Gunnison's prairie dog throwing his head back during a territorial call. The head throw is not known within this species, but this particular individual (adult male 5) did it often.  ©MRR 2017
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